What do I get?

Seems simple enough. You want to know what physical things you get when hiring me. So I will let you know what those things are first. High resolution edited images, USB and custom box (for weddings only) with those images as well as a online gallery. You can also purchase albums, prints and canvases separately. You do have printing rights to your images which means you can get them printed yourself. Although I do recommend ordering products through me for the highest and longest lasting quality.

All those are awesome, but more important is what I provide in way of experience. You’ll get someone who really cares about documenting your wedding, family or any other special occasion. Making a connection with all my clients is so important. I want you to feel comfortable and open in front of my lens. You also get someone who is fully dedicated to her craft and art. I capture you the way you truly are through my eyes. This is my art, not just my business. Keeping my clients happy is what I do best (besides being awesome at photography…obviously)! I also throw in some nice goodies, but that’s a surprise… well I guess it’s not now!


New Jersey Wedding PHotographer

How many images will I receive?

With myself and a 2nd shooter, expect to receive 75-100 images per hour. This varies on the number of details at your wedding, time traveling from location to location and other factors.

Can I have the unedited raw files?

Nope. Don’t worry, I won’t leave out any important or small moments. If you didn’t receive an image from me, it’s because it was blurry, of someone blinking, a test shot or an unflattering photo. I only give my clients the best.

What will be images look like?

All your images will be edited to the consistent style displayed throughout my work. A clean edit with a touch of color and whimsy. Please do not ask me to edit like so and so… in that case hire so and so. To get the best possible results, make sure to get ready in a room with lots of natural light and a neutral color palette. Try to make sure the room is clear of clutter so as not to distract from the special moments to take place. I highly recommend not having those crazy flashing lights at your reception. Those colored lights are very unflattering and photograph badly.

Should I have a first look (see each other before the wedding)?

While this is totally up to you, I always say yes to a first look! Why? One, time saver. Your portraits are so important. After the ceremony ends, it’s better not to have to rush through your portraits, bridal party, family photos and as well as the reception details all within an hour. Trust me, it’s less stressful for everyone. We often can get your portraits, bridal party and immediate family out of the way before the ceremony. Two, nerves. It is a very nerve racking moment to finally see each other. First looks allow you to privately see each other and take a moment together before the chaos of the day really starts. I stay back capturing the natural reactions and moments as they unfold. You’re less nervous the rest of the day as well, knowing you got that out of the way. You’ll also feel less rushed throughout the day. And don’t worry, you’ll still cry like a baby walking down the aisle to each other. Three, Cocktail hour! You invited all these people you love so spend time with them! You paid for this yummy food and drinks, enjoy them! This also allows me plenty of time to get all the fabulous details of your reception and cocktail hour that I know you spend hours planning!

What if I don’t want a first look?

No worries! We will get great images regardless. However, you may want to put a 2 hour span between the end of the ceremony and when the cocktail hour BEGINS. Also consider travel times. Be aware that due to possible limit in timing, cocktail hour may not be covered.

When will I receive my final wedding images?

Your online gallery will be ready within a month. But most of the time I just can’t help myself and get them to you sooner. Since it is made customized to each client, your USB and box will get to you within 2 months.

When should we plan our engagement session?

Engagement sessions should take place one month before you plan to send out your save the dates. If you are not using the images for that, than 2-3 months before your wedding date.

Do I really need a Engagement session? or My friend already did one for us?

Yes! Even if you have done one with someone else, this is the time for us to get to know each other. I value the time and relationships I spend with my clients. This time allows you to get more comfortable in front of my camera and prepare you for your wedding photos.

We really don’t like to dress up and frolic in fields.

Although that’s my personal favorite, this is about YOU. So let’s make it about the two of you. If you rather do an in home session of you doing what you love best, let’s do it! Showcase what makes you guys unique as a couple.

Maternity, Family, Boudoir and Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

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How long are sessions?

That varies depending on the type of session but they will be either a 1 hour session or 2 hour session. Lifestyle newborn takes more time usually so allot two hours. Like mentioned previously, you will receive high resolution images in an online gallery (minimum of 50 high resolution images).

What should I wear?

I am happy to send you links to pinterest boards and past photo sessions for inspiration. I definitely recommend wearing something a little dressed up. After all, you want to look your best in your professional photos. However, make sure you wear something you’ll feel confident and comfortable in. I’d be happy to help you create your look and give suggestions!

What happens if it rains or the weather is unbearable?

We will reschedule! No worries! I do my best to work with my clients schedules especially if the photos are time sensitive (maternity/newborn).

What is the best time to shoot?

For outdoor session, an hour or so before sunset is the prettiest lighting when the sun is out. For indoor sessions, find the best time of day where the rooms we will be using get the best natural light coming through. Usually this will be mid day or morning.

What if we are running late?

Depending if I have other sessions scheduled that day, I try to accommodate. However, you are responsible for checking traffic and making sure you arrive on time. If you’re late, your session will most likely still end at the original time.

When will I receive my gallery of images?

You will receive all images in 2 weeks or less. But ask my past clients, I’ve been known to deliver within 2 days. I get just as excited to see the finished result as you do!
















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